Get Your Nonprofit Video Seen

 Most of you probably already have at least one video sitting on your shelf, and if you don’t, you should.   But what do you do with your video after the big rush of your nonprofit gala or the big reveal on your website?  My simple answer — get it on air or on another website!  Traditionally, nonprofits usually have PSA’s ( short 30 or 60 sec. spots that air on odd hours of the day) on local TV channels.  That’s […]

Be a Great Interview

If you work for a nonprofit, sooner or later you are going to be in front of the camera.  Either the news will ask  you for a comment at an event, or you or one of your corporate partners will want you to explain your cause for a video.  The last thing you want to do is to be nervous, or worse yet, walk in dreading  the interview.  It just so happens that I had an amazing interview this past […]

Green Screen in Nonprofit Video

You are probably wondering why we would shoot someone in front of a bright green backdrop, or green screen as it is called, for a nonprofit video.  This technique is usually saved for movies with special effects.  You may remember a long time ago when “The Invisible Man” was a TV series.  You would laugh as a hat and a pair of gloves, sans body, would be seen moving around a room.  This was accomplished by shooting the character in […]