Get Your Nonprofit Video Seen

 Most of you probably already have at least one video sitting on your shelf, and if you don’t, you should.   But what do you do with your video after the big rush of your nonprofit gala or the big reveal on your website?  My simple answer — get it on air or on another website!  Traditionally, nonprofits usually have PSA’s ( short 30 or 60 sec. spots that air on odd hours of the day) on local TV channels.  That’s not the most exciting option, however, thanks to growth in media in Philadelphia, there are some low-cost or no cost options available that definitely have more zing and may add some variety to your audience.


Top on my list is a newer public access TV station that Philadelphia has long waited for — PhillyCAM.  This station gives everyone in Philadelphia a place to share their stories and learn the craft of video making.  Located in center city, it has a beautiful TV studio and allows members the opportunity to produce and air their own videos.  All you have to do is join as an organization member, and believe me, they are very fair as their rates are based on your organization’s size.  As a member, you will be able to air your video on their station, which is on Comcast, and also have it seen as video-on-demand on PhillyCAM’s website.  It’s a great way to help get your message out there, and of course any mention of your organization on a website helps your SEO.  As a bonus, they recently started their own nonprofit talk show which allows one or two members of your nonprofit to talk about your cause as well as any opportunities.  So, doesn’t that just make your morning a little brighter? 

As you can see by the photo, I served on PhillyCAM’s Board, an experience that was passionate, professional and productive.  You won’t find anyone more dedicated to the idea of public information than the people at this station.  Their Board and staff truly represent Philadelphia’s diversity in all ways.  So, if you are tired of dust on your video case, get over to PhillyCAM for a member’s tour.  I swear I don’t get any money out of this, but I certainly get a warm fuzzy feeling from doing some good nonprofit matchmaking.

Philly In Focus

It just so happens that while attending the opening weekend of PhillyCAM, I was introduced to two wonderful women that work with Comcast’s newer initiative, Philly In Focus.  Built on a similar idea of sharing more diverse viewpoints, this website/video-on-demand offers the opportunity for you to be a content partner and get your video more play.  I know they welcome nonprofit work and really want to share more cause related news.  Try clicking on “Community” or “Perspectives” to see examples of categories that may be good for you to post your videos.   Now you really don’t have an excuse to be a stranger!  Start making some new connections with audience that you may not already have and don’t be scared to tell Comcast that I sent you.

That’s it for two great places to put your videos.  Don’t forget that creating meaningful, easily searchable tags is key for on-demand videos, so choose wisely.  Okay, go refill your coffee and start sending your videos already!