We serve the people we love — nonprofits.

We could be making videos for companies that are not socially conscious and spending weekends in Paris,  but we choose not to.  We like waking up every day knowing that we are helping you to spread the word about your work in our community.  There’s nothing better than having an audience learn about the good things  happening to people, animals and places that need them the most.  Our videos are proof of your work and get people excited about giving and volunteering — that’s where we shine.  And that excitement leads to more donations, allowing you to expand your programs and help even more.   It’s one big happy circle.

We meet you where you are.

If you have photos sitting in a file, we can work with you to bring them to life.  Have someone that is thankful for receiving your help?  We can have them share their story and bring smiles to all who watch.  And for those special award winners and sponsors, we’re ready to honor them on screen for your next gala as well.  Want to get large?  We can create a Public Service Announcement that you can share with stations and get your videos on local public television.  And yes, we know you have the best intentions of creating your own videos, but if you are having challenges, we can even come in and give you a class on video production.

We really get nonprofits because we have done our own share of working and volunteering for them.   And we make the process easy with our interactive information gathering, our on-point concept pitches and our sliding scale discount (even nonprofits come in all different sizes).   Have newbies or non-believers?  We can educate them and turn them into believers; you just have to get them to show up to the meeting.  We find home-made muffins helpful, and did we mention we love to cook?  Here’s a little about us.


Leslie Birch – Public Television Advocate

I owe my original love of video to my years spent in public television.  As a Producer with WYBE Public Television I created original programming including interstitials and community projects which celebrated local cultures in Philadelphia.  Two special documentaries, “Culture Trek: Ireland”, and “Culture Trek: Costa Rica” took me abroad as I interviewed students from different countries meeting for the first time.   With New Jersey Network (NJN) I produced “Digital Classroom”,  a video-on-demand service offering history modules on topics like Colonialism to select schools in New Jersey.  I also was Associate Producer for “Classroom Close-up, NJ”, which highlighted new and innovative teaching methods being used in New Jersey.   My love of education has included an adjunct position at Arcadia University and mentoring with the Philadelphia Film Tripod Initiative.  My latest endeavor is exploring tech art as a member of The Hacktory (soldering included).  In my spare time I enjoy camping, letterboxing, birding, vegan cooking and practicing zen.



Richard Gretzinger – Classic Cinematographer

My history includes feature, documentary, commercial, and corporate projects.   I have a strong background in classical photography and cinematography, as well as contemporary digital imaging –including film and digital video for theaters, broadcast, multimedia and the Internet.  My expertise in green/blue screen composite capture for film and video is becoming more popular as more and more styles incorporate layering and movement.   Digital technology is allowing me to blend my classic style with my interest in experimentation.  I love working behind the camera with lighting because there are so many things affecting the viewer’s mind.  There are subliminal cues and metaphors that can be obtained with these tools– and that is what makes it an art form. One of my favorite projects has been the documentary, “Rock School”, because I enjoyed capturing images of young people so dedicated to their music.  Finding personal connection is important with any project.  My free time is spent cooking, traveling, white-water rafting and photographing wildlife.