Make Your Nonprofit Video Extreme

Whenever I ask nonprofit people about a TV show they find memorable, they usually mention “Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition“. Who doesn’t  love it when a family in need receives a complete home, usually accompanied by some bill paying or college scholarships. There’s tears, there’s joy, there’s thank-you’s — it’s a win-win for everyone. If you follow the other home makeover do-gooder, Mike Holmes, he has a similar show called “Make it Right“. Both shows are helping people to feel safe and to move on […]

It’s Your Video – Make it Local

Recently one of our nonprofits had the opportunity to display their videos at a concert of 75,000 people.  Now I realize that you may not have the opportunity to do large scale concerts, but what you do have the opportunity to do is affect the branding of your video.  Some organizations are supplied with national/worldwide videos that may be of excellent quality, but they lack the local feeling that will really promote giving.  So, let’s look at some fixes that […]

Get Your Nonprofit Video Seen

 Most of you probably already have at least one video sitting on your shelf, and if you don’t, you should.   But what do you do with your video after the big rush of your nonprofit gala or the big reveal on your website?  My simple answer — get it on air or on another website!  Traditionally, nonprofits usually have PSA’s ( short 30 or 60 sec. spots that air on odd hours of the day) on local TV channels.  That’s […]